The British Sailor's Society archives are almost non existent so this list has been compiled with the help of Ann Brogan of the British and International Sailors' Society, old boys and articles from 'The Helm' plus 'Chart and Compass'. The staff made the school such a success and we would like to try our best to remember them. We are still building this record so if you are able to add information or perhaps correct anything that you believe may be inaccurate, please contact us.

From 1920 until 1976 approximately 4,900 boys were trained at the Prince of Wales Sea Training School.

Limehouse - London 1920 -1940

  Patron: HRH The Duke of Kent K.G
  President: Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey G.C.M.G, G.C.V.O, K.C.I.E    more information
  1st Chairman: Admiral E.F Bruen C.B J.P  more information
  2nd Chairman: Lieutenant Commander The Lord Teynham R.N (rtd)  more information

Committee members: The Dowager Lady Dimsdale OBE, Lady Slade, Lady Baddeley, Lady Corcoran, Lady Stweart-Bam, Mrs Percy Illingworth,  Mrs Norbury, Miss Gibbons, Mr G.E Cockerill, Dr Bernard Doyle BA MB Honorary Medical Officer, Mr W.J. MacAndrew, Mr E. Valder and Mr  Herbert E. Barker (General Secretary/Special Commissioner and founder of the hostel). The Rev J.G Birch, Rector of Limehouse Honorary Chaplain.

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1920 -1937 Commanding Officer Mr Godfrey E. Halsey  (First Commanding Officer of the hostel and retired Army officer)


1920 - 1923 Padre Reverend E J H Peach  more information

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1926 Physical Education Instructor Mr W Leach (Chief Officer)

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1926 Matron Mrs J Leach

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1926 Instructor Mr F L Streeton

1923 - 1929? Chief Instructor Mr Johnny (Jack) W Bremner  more information

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1929 Assistant Instructor T R Clarke

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1936 Commanding Officer Commander W R Bull DSM RN (wife as Matron)

Mr Watt

Mr Watt

Period as Acting Officer in charge during Mr Halsey's illness 1936   1934 photograph

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(date not known) Resident Officer Mr Wyatt

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(date not known) Matron Mrs Wyatt

Mr Lewis

1934 - 1936 Resident Officer Mr Lewis  (4th Officer)  1934 photograph

Mrs Lewis

1934 - 1936 Matron Mrs Lewis   1934 photograph

Commodore Dowding

1937 (duration not known) Commanding Officer Commodore J.C.K. Dowding RD RNR     more information

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1938 Resident Officer Mr G W T Gauntlett (wife as Matron)

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1938 Matron Mrs Gauntlett

Freddy Painter

1927 - 1949 (2nd Officer) Mr Freddy G. Painter

Ex Chief Petty Officer Royal Navy   1934 photograph

See also Ingham


Mr Frost

(3rd Officer)  Mr Frost     1934 photograph
Mr Elgar 1937 - 1944 Resident Officer Instructor Mr Elgar

See also Ingham below


Ingham Old Hall - Norfolk 1940 - 1953
  Patron: HRH The Duke of Kent K.G
  President: Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey G.C.M.G, G.C.V.O, K.C.I.E   more information
  Chairman: Lieutenant Commander The Lord Teynham R.N (rtd)  more information

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Jan 18th 1941 - Feb 1942 Commanding Officer Commander Gilbert C Heathcote RN (rtd)

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Feb 1942 Commanding Officer Lt Commander Geoffrey Watts RNR  more information

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1945 Commanding Officer Lt Commander S.G Rivers-Smith RN (rtd)

Commander Monro

1949 Commanding Officer Commander K.S. Monro OBE, RD, RNR

During the war he was Commodore of the coastal convoys. He was awarded the OBE for his work
during the wind up operations in 1945 

more information

Captain Harry Aldiss

1951? Commanding Officer Captain Harry Aldiss OBE  

Whilst Harry was at Ingham he commuted from Fakenham on his motorcycle

Click here to read his obituary


Freddy Painter

1927 - 1949 Officer Instructor Mr Freddy G. Painter

Became Acting Commanding Officer towards the end of his service

See also Limehouse above

Officer Instructor Mr Townsend ? more information required  If he was at Ingham we believe it was after 1940

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Officer Instructor Mr Scrivener

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Officer Instructor Mr Belsey  Tragically killed in a fire at Ingham in 1941.  more information

Charlie Porte

1948 - 1967 Officer Instructor Mr William (Charlie) Porte MiD. Ex Chief Petty Officer Royal Navy. Married to Mabel
with three children Danny, Pat and Jenny. Charlie went onto Dover (below) and was the longest
serving officer instructor

more information 

Mr Elgar

Officer Instructor Mr Elgar

(see Limehouse for more information)

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Officer Instructor Mr Wilson - (local disabled MN Deck Officer) eventually became a teacher in Stalham

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Officer Instructor  Mr G.C Rouse

Mr Ridgeway

1950 - Officer Instructor Mr William Charles Ridgeway 

(committed suicide on the 2nd November 1951 aged 46 yrs. He is buried at Ingham Holy Trinity Church Row 4)

Mrs Milly Dunsby

1940 - 1953 Cook - Mrs Milly Dunsby   more information

Mabel Ward

Cook Miss Mabel Ward  (date not known)

(Married Instructor Charlie Porte)   more information

House Mother Mrs Mason visited every day

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Medical Officer Dr Wallis


Dover - Kent 1953 - 1975
  Patron: H.R.H The Princess Marina The Duchess of Kent
  Chairman: Captain The Rt. Hon. Lord Teynham D.S.O, D.S.C, R.N, RTD
  Deputy Chairman: Hon. F.A Leathers   more information
  Chairman Scottish Committee: Sir Ivar Colquhoun of Luss, Bt, D.L, J.P   more information
  President: Sir Kenneth Swan O.B.E, Q.C   more information
  Hon. Treasurer: The Rt Hon Lord Coleraine P.C    more information

Captain Tyrwitt-Betteridge

1953 - 1956 Commanding Officer Captain W.G. Tyrwitt-Betteridge

(Commander at the school before his promotion)


Commander John Hough

21/01/56 - 1964 Commanding Officer Commander John Stafford Hough DSC, RD, RNR

Served eight years a school Commander. Appointed Deputy General Secretary of the BSS
in 1964

(strict disciplinarian)  more information

He had a dog named Blackie


Captain Colin Vine

9th November 1964 - 1975 Captain Superintendent of the PWSTS Captain Colin Frank Vine DSC, RD, RNR. Prior to joining the staff Mr Vine was a North Sea Pilot

The last Commanding Officer of the Prince of Wales Sea Training School

more information

Captain Vine unveils the Dover Commemorative Plaque in 2005


Captain Colin Vine 2005 Reunion


Charlie Porte

1948 - 1967 Officer Instructor Mr William (Charlie) Porte MiD. Ex Chief Petty Officer Royal Navy. Married to Mabel with three children Danny, Pat and Jenny. Charlie was previously at Ingham (above) and was the longest serving officer instructor

Also see Ingham for photograph

more information


Will Smith

1953 - 1973 Officer Instructor Mr William Smith MBE (known as Bill, Sludge or Smithy). Mr Smith retired from the Royal Navy on 31 December 1953, after serving 26 years. He left as a Petty Officer and Instructor at HMS Ganges

In the new years honours list of 1974 he was awarded the MBE for his contribution to the education of boys in the RN and at the PWSTS



1971 Officer Instructor Mr Chippy Carpenter  

Joe Hadley

1953 - 1976 Chief Officer Commander Joseph George Hadley (known as Chiefy)

Trained at the PWSTS as a boy (1937) and became the Chief instructor

more information


1973 Officer Instructor Mr Burgess  

Mrs Stranks

Clerk Mrs Stranks  

Mrs Dixon

1954 - 1964 Cook Mrs Dixon 'Little Cook'. Easy going and was known on occasions to give the two boys working in the galley peaches and cream (usually reserved for the officers)

When she left she became the personal cook for the Constable of Dover Castle


1955 Wee Cook  more information  

Mrs Gamble

1964 Cook Mrs Gamble (known as Big Cook) she was much stricter
and could not be sweet-talked



1964 Assistant Cook Rosa was responsible for the preparation of the food and the washing up. When one of the cooks was on holiday etc Rosa's mum stood in as a cook


Physical Education Instructor - Mr G Simpson  (A Welshman and very strict) he was the PE  teacher and came in for evening PE.  His full time job was PE teacher at Astor Secondary School (Dover). Known as Taffy (behind his back). Before the start of PE he would inspect the class. The two boys with the smartest kit would be able to leave the group to get an early shower      more information


Dr Mason

Dr Mason


Dr Derek Hall was the school doctor. He was a local GP at Pencester Road Surgery. Any boy that was ill would be sent to his surgery or he would attend the school. Boys could be detained in the sick bay (2 or 4 beds). If they missed too much instruction they were normally sent home to re-join when the next term began  


The spiritual welfare of the boys was under the general care of Reverend T.E Roberts, the honorary Chaplain, to whose church of St Mary's the boys attended on Sundays. He came in at least once per week and taught all "Non-RC's" through the Confirmation Course before taking the boys off to Canterbury Cathedral for a PWSTS 'only' Confirmation Service in the Crypt


Lilly Bennett

Cook - Mrs Lilly Bennett (another 'Little Cook') more information

photo of Lilly at the 2005 reunion
photo of Lilly at the 2006 Dover memorial service
photo of Lilly at the 2007 Dover memorial service

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1954 - 1964 Cook Mrs Lucy Lewis. She used to swim in all weathers every morning from Dover beach. This is probably why she had a wonderful complexion. Replaced by Mrs Dixon.  

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Dr Mason - He took over from Dr Derek Hall  

The below members of staff have yet to be identified - can you assist?





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