Lieutenant Commander GEOFFREY WATTS RNR


Does anyone please have any information on who was OC PWSTS INGHAM from 1942-45. I do know he was born in 1900 in Bristol, served in World War One as a young Midshipman, gained his Masters Certificate in 1927 and was a Lieutenant Commander RNR in 1937. I believe that he took part in the evacuations from Dunkirk in 1940. That he and Mrs Watts had a son born to them whilst at Ingham in January 1944. I do not know when Lt Cdr Watts relinquished command as by 1945 Lt Cdr Rivers-Smith was CO, but I believe only for short time as he died just after the end of the war.

Any information would be most welcome and particularly any PHOTOGRAPHS please? If available these would be professionally copied and returned to the owner by Special Delivery post and all postage expenses defrayed.

Many thanks, Simon (
Rector Designate of Ingham