PWSTH Padre 1920 - 1923
Reverend Edward Joseph Hunwicks Peach

Courtesy of Mr David BarlowEdward Joseph Hunwicks Peach was born on the 9th July 1860 at the Half Moon Inn in Harwich, Essex, his father Edward Thomas Peach an engineer on HMS Simoon and mother Elizabeth Peach residing at the Half Moon Inn.

In 1888 EJH Peach was the Congregational Minister in Nailsworth and then at Wimbourne from 1897.

The Rev. Peach became Chaplain to the Prince of Wales Sea Training Hostel Limehouse in 1920 until his death
on 6th August 1923. His widow A M Peach was present at the death. Cause of death is recorded as chronic interstitial nephritis and cerebral thrombosis. His last will and testament was witnessed by two colleagues from the PWSTH  Limehouse; F W Maxwell shipmaster and H T Jefferys teacher of navigation

The PWSTS commissioned a Quarter Deck Bell in his honour. This bell was used throughout the history of the PWSTS, Ingham until the closure of the PWSTS at Dover in 1975. However, sometime in 1975 the bell was lost and to date all attempts to locate its whereabouts have met with negative results. It is suspected that it may have been illegally smelted near Limehouse when artefacts and stores were returned to London on closure.

Rev. and Mrs Peach circa 1902



Quarter Deck Bell PWSTS Dover


The Quarter Deck Bell inscribed:

 In Memory of
Rev E J H Peach
6th August 1923

Courtesy of Mr David Barlow - Rev Peach circa 1920
Reverend  EJH Peach

Information courtesy of Mr David Barlow. Mr Barlow has further information regarding Rev Peach and the Peach/Hunwicks family history and would appreciate contact from anyone who may assist in further research.