Commander John S Hough DSC RD RNR


Commander John HoughIt is with deep regret that we report the death of Commander John Hough, who was General Secretary of the British Sailors’ Society from 1967 to 1981. He was educated at the Nautical College, Pangbourne and joined the Blue Funnel Line as a Midshipman in 1933. He joined the New Zealand Shipping Company in 1937 and became a RNR Sub-Lieutenant at the same time. At the outbreak of war, he was called up in the Royal Navy, and served in the ‘Western Approaches’ of the Atlantic on convoy duties, first in a destroyer and later in a sloop. In 1941, his ship HMS Springbok was torpedoed but all members of the ship’s company survived.

He became the 1st Lt. of HMS Shieldrake patrolling the East Coast of England, and a year after taking up this appointment was given command of HMS Kittiwake. After the war and a spell in Nigeria as the Resident Director of the family shipping company which operated two coasters in the Gulf of Guinea, John Hough was recalled to the Royal Navy early in the Korean War.

In 1956 he was appointed as Captain Superintendent of the British Sailors’ Society Prince of Wales Sea Training School in Dover.

He served in this capacity for eight years, and in 1964 he became Deputy General Secretary of the Society, taking over the post of General Secretary on the retirement of Mr Stanley Heesom – a post he held until he retired in 1981.

John Hough served with distinction in both the Royal and Merchant Navies, and he brought to all his appointments with the British Sailors’ Society a deep Christian commitment of the sea and those who made their living upon it.

He was known and liked by everyone and he made many friends in his tours overseas, when visiting Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. We shall miss him very much, and we thank God for his life and service.

John Hough is survived by his wife and son and we assure them of our prayers.

Ann Brogan

Chaplaincy & Archive Department
British and International Sailors Society