P.W.S.T.S Photographs & Records


 The Prince of Wales Sea Training School
over 1000 images are contained within these pages


P.W.S.T.H Limehouse  P.W.S.T.S Magazines
P.W.S.T.H Limehouse certificates P.W.S.T.S Classes
P.W.S.T.S Ingham Dover 'Cause is Altered' PH
P.W.S.T.S Ingham Certificates P.W.S.T.S Dover (2002)
Ingham Old Hall (2004) P.W.S.T.S Dover (2005)
P.W.S.T.S Dover Miscellaneous Artefacts
P.W.S.T.S Dover Certificates  Pocket Money Register 1965 - 1975
William (Charlie) Porte  P.W.S.T.S Records

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