Endeavour 1972


photo courtesy of Captain Colin Vine

Back Row L to R
N Deaves, K Moon, J Whybrow, B Grifiths, M Walklate (Stokee), R Purdy, K Bryce, R Banks, A Wilson, E Northrop, K Compton

Front Row L to R
J Montgomery (Monty), B Dungay, A Wakerell, G Ellis, Capt Vine, Chippy, G Terry, C Janes, J King, M Euden (UD).

M Pickles who is on the pocket money register is not in the photo I have a feeling he left before the end of the course.
I left to join BP with Niel Deaves, Martin Walklate, Kevin Bryce, Bryn Dungay, Jeff King and Martin Euden.

above detail courtesy of Russell Purdy