Trevor McKay


Joined Port Nelson in Falmouth with Stephen Tester, did two trips on her with "STEAM ON DECK", (the Bosun), got the sack for defying him over a day off, which I think he used as an excuse because he had found out that I was a "Campbell" McKay , him being a McDonald!! (Old traditions die hard!!!).

Steve and I went our separate ways for a couple of trips, then got back together for a few more! He left the sea after a couple of years & I went on for a bit longer which included a time in the Suez on the Scottish Star, which was my last "trip". I say it like that because it was when the ships were blockaded in the Great Bitter Lakes, we had the "Little Olympics whilst I was there and had a fabulous time. I then left the sea to do an engineering course, after which I worked for Caterpillar for a few years, then Volvo, which stood me in good stead for 10 years in the middle east, doing everything from running a Mercury Distributorship to managing marina's for the Royal family and a 5 star hotel, to Marine Super on an offshore oil base Island!

Met a 'beaut Kiwi lass in Dubai, got married in Bahrain and shifted to New Zealand in '86, been here ever since.

Having worked for Engineering Companies selling Marine engines for Gin Palaces I decided to give it a go myself, set up a company specialising in making and repair of propellers, along with everything else that makes a boat go forwards and backwards. Got a bit overworked etc and finally gave it up for the good life (being a bit of a kept man!!).

Currently looking after a large aviary of exotic birds!! Not forgetting the "KIWI" bird I met in Dubai !!!!

Steve Tester comes down every now and then, he gets put to work on the old boat I have and we go out and relive the good old days of the PWSTS in '63.
If Richard Casparis reads this ......... I repaired a prop on one of Pasificas Roro's in Auckland a few years back ! I don't remember him but he and I are on the photo of "the whole school" of 1963. PS Richard, drop me a line & next time you're in Auckland lets meet for a lemonade or two ???

I could go on for hours that's how much my time at PWSTS meant to me & still does !

Trevor McKay