Stephen Cloke


I was at the training School Sept 1950- March 1951.

I went straight on to D.E.S AURIS ending my 30 years on the sea on Sealink Ferries at Dover and Folkestone.

Ships served:

28th Sept 1950 to 5th Mar 1951 Prince of Wales Sea Training School Ingham Hall Norfolk.

20th March 1951-30th June 1951.D.E.S Auris. Ellesmere Port to Newcastle Upon Tyne. Deck Boy

25th July 1951-16th Oct 1951 T.E.S Theliconus Ellesmere Port to Falmouth Deck Boy.

17th Oct 1951 - 14th Dec same as above Falmouth to Newcastle. Deck boy.

Jan 1952 -12th March 1952 M.V Neothyris. Liverpool to Newcastle. J.O.S.

12th April 1952-7th July 1952 T.E.S Theobaldius. Cardiff J.O.S

28th July 1952-4th May 1953 M.V.Nassa Singapore J.O.S.

14th July 1953 - 8th August 1953 T.E.S Thaumastus E.D.H

10th August 1953-Sept 1953. T.E.S Trochiscus Curacao to Newcastle E.D.H

25th Sept 1953 S.T.S Harpa London- Birkenhead EDH

23rd Jan 1954 -10th Feb 1954 M.V Wanderer Victoria Docks to Poplar EDH.

19th Feb 1954- 1st may 1954 M.V Aridity Greenhithe to Snodland EDH.

12th May 1954 -9th June 1954 Dover BTC

From 11th June 1954 -1st May 1993
British Railway Board On Sealink Ferries From Dover not in this order
Shepperton, Hengist, Vortigen, Maid of Kent, Maid of Orleans, Dover, Auto Carrier, Hampton Ferry, Hazelmere, Deal, The Canterbury,  The Thanet, Normania and took early retirement in 1993 due to Folkestone Harbour Closing.

I have a Mirror Dinghy and still keep the sailing going at the age of 80.