PWSTS Greetings Card


Prince of Wales Sea Training School Greetings Card

Size folded 10.5cm x 14.5cm [complete with envelope]
Front: Replica HM Bark Endeavour entering Sydney Harbour 1994 Stu Hogg (PWSTS 1956)
Inside: 'our sincere best wishes' [This is a multi purpose card and can be used on many different occasions]
Reverse: PWSTS history and information
Abbott Printing Adelaide (Dennis Abbott PWSTS 1956)

        reverse                                                       front        

HM Bark Endeavour Replica

 Now sold out in UK please make all orders to Australia (below)

Australia and New Zealand pack of 10 cards including p&p $15:00 (ASD)

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Australia and New Zealand pack of 20 cards including p&p $27:00 (ASD)

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Message from Stu Hogg (PWSTS 1956)

Australia and New Zealand orders are priced in Australian dollars for simplicity. The purpose of the cards is to raise funds for the PWSTS Society.

Our immediate aim is to cover our ongoing expenses in running the Society and the supply and fit of the remaining plaques for Prince of Wales House and Limehouse. Progress on the plaques is reported elsewhere on the Forum so I won't repeat that here, suffice to say that we are well on the way to getting that underway.

This leaves the Memorial at the Arboretum in Staffordshire and this is also reported elsewhere on the Forum. I anticipate that the bulk of the funds from the sale of these cards will go towards this memorial.

The card has been designed as "multi purpose" so that you can send it at any time of the year, and for any purpose. For example, a Get Well or Bon Voyage card, as well as at Birthdays, Anniversaries and of course Christmas. For those not keen on letter writing you can also just send it as a short letter. The card also advertises the PWSTS Society and its purpose. There are a great many old boys out there who don't know we exist and this card may get around to them or their friends or relatives.

Your support in buying these cards will be much appreciated.

Finally I should like to thank Abbott Printing of Adelaide, South Australia for their assistance with the printing, in particular Sue Abbott who guided our order through the system. Sue is the daughter of Dennis Abbott who is a PWSTS old boy of 1956.

Thank you, Stu.