Russell Cant


I was one of only four deck hands who were at the school from May until August 1974. After leaving the training school, my first ship was the ORIANA on which I sailed on for a year. I then joined Bowater's running roles of paper from Canada to Washington. After coming home on leave the ship was sold and I then joined Townsend Thoreson Ferries which were then sold to P&O, I stayed with them for 12yrs paying off as Q.M.

I then took my HGV1 to become a lorry driver , I then had the chance of working underground building the channel tunnel, which I done for 3yrs before getting a job with Euro Tunnel as a train driver. I am still working at the tunnel, as well as being a part time fireman, which I am now in my 27th year service.

I am married to Susan for 27yrs, and have two children a daughter of 26 and a son of 22.also have two grand children.

I have only just found this site, and have found an old friend already I have E-mailed him in New Zealand. I am living back in St Margaret's Bay.
Phone 01304 852633

The names of the other boys were: Phil Gaughran, Keith Roberts and Ian Mc Diarmid