Rodney G.D Hawkins (Rhodesia)                                                                       


I am an "old boy" having trained at the School in Dover from 19.2.62 to 21.6.62. Unfortunately I cannot remember which class I was in, nor the names of any of my class mates or tutors even. Terrible isn't it! My Leaving Certificate was signed by J.S.Hough.

I was living in Rhodesia at the time and recall obtaining a "scholarship" to attend the School. I remember the School itself very well, with fond memories. I was Confirmed through the School, remembering the Church Parades on Sundays. Although I don't recall the names of anybody I was there with I do remember having a fight with one boy on the steps leading up to the Parade Ground because I was from Rhodesia!

I was the last boy of my Class to be allocated to a ship, going to MV Rakaia at Smith's Docks, North Shields. This led to a wonderful few years with New Zealand Shipping and Union Castle.