Prince of Wales Sea Training School
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The Prince of Wales Sea Training Hostel was founded in 1920 at Limehouse in London. The PWSTH was used to train boys for service as Deck Ratings in the Merchant Navy and was operated by the British Sailors Society.  The PWSTH moved to Ingham in 1940. In 1948 it changed its name to The Prince of Wales Sea Training School and eventually transferred to Dover in 1953 until its closure in 1975. The colours were laid up on the 27th October 1975. During the Limehouse period HRH The Prince of Wales paid special interest in the hostel and it's running. A total of  4,911 boys were trained at the school during it's operation.

The future was bright for any boy who received his training at the Prince of Wales School, which had a splendid record of boys becoming Master Mariners, Marine Superintendents, Harbour Masters and Marine Instructors. All the boys were put to sea under the personal supervision of an officer and contact was kept with them throughout their career by the Society's Missionaries and representatives in any port of the world.

Throughout the history of the school numerous visit and inspections have been made by the Royal Family. These include HRH the Prince of Wales, HRH Prince George, The Queen Mother, HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught KG, HRH Princess Margaret, HRH Princes Marina, HRH The Duke and Duchess of Kent, HRH Duchess of York and the Marchioness of Zetland. HRH the Prince of Wales was the patron in 1920, after which 1937 HRH Duke of Kent and in 1942 HRH Duchess of Kent. On the 21st November 2003 His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales sent his best wishes to all members of the Prince of Wales Sea Training School Society.

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HRH The Prince of Wales with PWSTS

HRH The Prince of Wales sitting with PWSTS boys
 whilst they are knotting and splicing

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