Peter Hutchison


I was at the Prince of Wales Training School from May 1960 to September 1960.

From training school I went on to several Port Line vessels starting with the Port Victor - September 1960 then on to Port Lyttelton April 1961 - Port Napier October 1961 - through to October 1962. I then went on various other vessel for different companies including, South American Saint Line-Holder Brothers - Ellerman Line Royal Mail -Tate & Lyle - Blue Star Elderdemster Line - Federal Shipping-BP - Palm Line - Federal Shipping - Everard Line.

After completing my years at Sea I went to work in Tilbury Dock doing various jobs, after this I became and Lorry driver which is something I did until I retired. I married my wife Mary in 1971 and have a son and two daughter all of which have children six altogether.

I remember my days at the PWTS and at sea with great affection and would be please to hear from anyone if they knew me.