Nick Bodle


I went to the PWSTS on the 6th July 1970 and left on the 7th November 1970. I was in Endeavour 70

I spent just over three and a half years in the Merchant Navy and only leaving because I tried to emigrate to New Zealand and join the New Zealand Steam Shipping Company. However, this did not come to fruition. Whilst I was making arrangements for this to happen I met my wife to whom I am still happily married. Unlike me she has a fear of the sea.

When I realized I would not be returning to sea I joined a small building firm putting up Colt Houses around the South East of England, until the manufacturers went into liquidation. I then spent a while as a maintenance man for a Farmer who had three farms before joining ICI manufacturing Agrochemical products. Although no longer part of ICI and changing its name three times through mergers etc. It is now called Syngenta.

I still with the company although I am due to take early retirement as the site I work on is being closed down through restructuring of the company. I then begin a new venture in my life and something I am now beginning to look forward too. whilst with ICI and Syngenta etc I had a number of roles but I made my way up through the business, Supervisor, Plant Manager, Asset Manager and finally a Health and Safety Manager a career change I made about four years ago.

The days I spent at the PWSTS and in the Merchant Navy gave me the self confidence, self reliance, discipline, motivation and the need for comradeship. This paved the way for the success I have had in my life.