Mike Skeet  


PWSTS May to November 1949
As a young lad I was very eager to go to sea. Having had a very elementary education I was very pleased to join the P of W. I enjoyed my stay and applied myself to the training. I met some great lads and enjoyed all aspects of the training, especially seamanship and boatwork. The instructors were firm but fair, especially Charlie Porte. It set me up for life !!

Ships: Orion, 4 trips; Durango, JOS; Oregon Star, SOS; Paringa, EDH, 3 trips; Alsatia,AB; Cleveland,AB; Kelletia, AB; Eastwood. AB; St John.AB; Drackensberg Castle. AB; Port Fairy. QMAB; Port Wyndham.QMAB; Port Chalmers. QMAB; Halcience. 2nd Mate; Fulham V111. 2nd Mate(2yrs); Shell Welder, Shell Loader, 2nd Mate.