Michael Simms   


PWSTS from 15/11/1971 to 18/3/1972

Deck crew first ship Port Brisbane 23/3/72 to 30/3/72. Port Brisbane 30/3/72 to 7/7/72. Newcastle Star 1/9/72 to 21/11/72. Newcastle Star 31/1/7 to 2/2/73. Newcastle Star 16/7/73 to9/6/73. Ulster Star 29/11/73 to 31/1/74. Adelaide Star 25/3/74 to 29/9/74. Adelaide Star 31/10/74 to 1/4/75. Hobart Star 16/4/75 to 3/7/75. Hobart Star 3/7/75 to 26/9/75.

Left the sea to live in New Zealand with my future wife, settled in Auckland first then on to Napier/Hastings. Worked with glass reinforced plastic ie GRP boats jacuzzis and swimming pools. Came back to UK for a sort break 6 years later after breakdown in marriage and leaving two sons, never went back. Carried on with GRP in the UK until poor health and two new hips put me out of work.