Michael Laycock


On leaving PWSTS I sailed with Shaw Savill Line for two years on the Ionic then went to port line. I then left the Merchant with the intentions to return after 6 months and worked as a builders labour after which I started work with "Hoverlloyd" Peg well bay, staying for 5 years.

I then joined the CEGB working within Power Stations and later National Grid leaving in 1996. I now run my own electrical security installation company and live in Bexhill Sussex.

I love sailing, racing yacht's also enjoy Scuba Diving and Flying a Cessna. I have been happily married for 21 years with one son. We have property in Spain where my wife and I hope to move. Would be great to hear from any other 1970 members.

I look back at my time at PWSTS and feel it gave me confidence and respect for others which has helped me through life.