Pastor Lawrence (Lofty) Shave


My "Seaman's Record Book" says that I was a Cadet at the Prince of Wales Sea Training School. Dover between the 19/05/59 to 25/09/59 with on
leaving joined the "Port Napier" on the 2October 1959 in Victoria Docks. London.

In reading just today the history on the school via the internet, I was much impressed with the information as it brought back many good memory's.

As I live in Perth Western Australia for the forty years being involved with the industry of the sea, and being one of the Boy's that had religious studies at the school, I would never have believed that one day in the future I would be a Minister of Religion and operating a Ship's Ministry in Community and Overseas Humanitarian Aid world wide.

I am also involved in starting a "Tall Ships Training School" that has a shore Ship Base, with a programme in building two replica's ships, one being a 200ft Scandinavian Barquentine with the other be a replica of the "Herzogin Cecilie" a 360ft Barque.

You can view some of our information on our Home Page at

If you have any information about the "Old Boys Association" Life Membership of the school, I would be most interested.

In His Service
Pastor Lawrence(Lofty)Shave