Lancing Class 1959 (details below)


photograph courtesy of Marc Cresser

Full list of Leander Class provided by Vernon Stone

W Rolliston Belfast
Henstridge Shaftsbury Dorset (Henpecked)
Phillip Jones Hinkley Leicester
R Ball/Bell Southwick Sussex
K Watling Penzance Cornwall (Bosun)
J Jarman Newington Ramsgate Kent (Jammy)
Eric Tudball Wiveliscombe Somerset (Tadpole)
R Parks Ramsgate Kent
M Williams Dover Kent
Harper Aldeburgh Suffolk
R Wallace Broadwater Worthing
M Wheeler New Barnet Hertfordshire
Malcolm MacCuish Skipness by Tarbert Argyll
Jim Johnson Slough Bucks (Hamish)
Peter Cresser 4th from the left back row
Chris Walters 2nd from the right middle row

Updated list of Leander Class provided by Richard Lee

I believe the photo is of two combined classes Lancing and possibly Leander, but the numbers do not add up. I believe I was part of Lancing class, and I know that I recognise most of the faces in the picture. However, I can only match a few of the names, including my own. I have put a question mark next to the names where I am unsure.

Of note, I am not familiar with any of the names shown below the photograph, other than Peter Cresser, I believe they may be a different class (listed as above). They are listed as Leander Class provided by Vernon Stone. In any event hope this helps.

07/59     05/10/59 06/02/60

BARTER Michael James 3195 .... middle row far left
BATHURST Anthony Leslie 3196 .... back row second from left?
BEAL Alan John 3197
CARTER Frederick Terence 3198
CRESSER Peter Roy 3199 .... back row forth from left
CULVER Graham 3200 .... middle row fifth from left?
EVANS Garth 3201
LEE Richard Frank 3203 .... middle row second from left
MOFFAT Robert Stanley 3204
McFINLAY William Alexander 3205
PRICE Patrick John 3206
RASELLE William Alan Thomas Lawrence 3207 .... back row far left
SIMMONS John 3208 .... middle row third from right
WOOD Keith A 3209 .... middle row third from left
WRIGHT Alan Michael 3210 .... middle row forth from left?
WRIGHT Alan Sydney 3211 .... back row second from right?