John Lock     


John Lock and Ian Beadle 2010I have a very good memory of my time at P.W.S.T.S. in 1967, the staff : Mr Smith (Derwent class instructor) : Mr Handley : Mr Carpenter : & Superintendent Vine & not forgetting the lovely Rosa. All of my class especially : Adrian Lyons, Ian Beadle (Tank), Colwyn Grace, Kenny Booth, Terry Dalton.

The sweeping of Drake hall ! Sprinkling sand on to the floor boards and all of us sweeping in one straight line from one end to the other, learning basic seamanship, ironing uniform using irons that had to be heated on a hot plate, all done in Drake hall. The very small playing field at the rear of the building, marching up & down to a very distorted sound coming out of the tannoy system. I also seem to remember a sports day. (I did have a photograph of myself holding some sort of trophy but alas it has been lost years ago now) I still have the class photograph I am front row on the right (put on a bit of weight now). How about running up military road to the borstal playing fields, having a game of football or baseball (Kenny Booth a Canadian very good at hitting a baseball) and marching back.

Shortly after leaving P.W.S.T.S I saw Adrian Lyons & one other lad from Derwent class for an evening on board their ship at King George V docks (I lived only a few miles from the docks) then I was away at sea myself and worked with other ex P.W.S.T.S lads. I have not seen anyone since those times nearly 39 years ago, but would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers me. I am still living in Essex.