John Craig 


Approx April 1961 Rating PO boy after John Freeman. Did one trip only on the Oriana then returned to fishing on NE coast Scotland. Married with three sons, a daughter and three grandchildren. Gave up the sea for a living when fishing went into decline and went into house building at start of oil boom.

Still have a small fishing boat for pleasure on the east coast and a 35ft.8in. Jeanneau Sun Oddysey yacht which is based at Largs on the west coast. I can remember John Freeman well also Michael Austin, Roger Forbes, Tony McGregor, Robin Batchelor, William Williamson, Kenneth? Williams (Willie )Kenneth Powell, Mitch, Gregoratis and I'm sure if I had a list of names I could match them to the faces, I think there is a Whitaker and a Leggat in there somewhere as well. would welcome some feedback. JC