John Eric Askew


I joined the sea school on 11th February 1936, if my memory is correct I believe my number was 1276.

On completion of my six I was sent to join the 'Britannic' at Southampton and stayed with her until April 1937 when I left her to go apprentice with John Morrison and Sons Newcastle upon Tyne.

I obtained my 2nd Mates tickets early in 1942, and the officers pool sent me to the 'Hopecastle' as Third Mate. The 'Hopecastle' was torpedoed in October 1942 and after a spell of survivors leave the officers pool sent me to join the 'Manchester Progress' as Third Mate, and here stared a long association with Manchester Lines.

In August 1947 I obtained my Masters certificate and in 1956 got promotion to Master.

Manchester Liners were associated with Furness Withy, and in 1980 C.Y Tiong of Hong Kong took over Furness Withy and just a few of the officers were retained, the three senior Masters of which I was number two, were paid up to 31st December 1980, and that was it, I retired from the sea.

I have only heard from one other POW boy, G.W. Larder of Grimsby who was at school with me and that was a few years ago now and we have lost contact.