James Bradley 


I started at PWSTS on 8-1-1962 I left in May after the Mansion House Parade in London. I joined the Port Launceston in Hull the next day with my good mate Richard Marquis. We did a couple of trips together to Australia unfortunately after a encounter with the girl of my dreams who I had loved from the age of 13 and who then gave me a ultimatum its the sea or me I'm afraid she won hands down. We eloped in May 1966 and got married in Edinburgh. We had boy ten months later James Peter who is now 43. Unfortunately my Chris passed away in January after nearly 44 years of wedded bliss so I think I made right choice. Like most old boys including my brother John who at the school 1958 we know the PWSTS made men us and set us up for life which is sadly lacking in this day and age. At the moment I am writing a biography of my 44 years with my wife Chris. Thanks for reading a nearly old mans ramblings.

Jim Bradley