Jack Reynolds


My first ship was the 'Rangitane'  NZ  Shipping Co. I stayed with NZS Co for a couple of trips then went to P&O Canadian Pacific.

Does anyone remember Mike Puttock,  I think he was at the school  late 54 or 55 and sailed with Port Line?

I stayed at sea until 59 and then went to collage to study Mech. Eng. I passed in 62 and went to work in the motor racing industry stayed until 1970. Then moved to New Zealand where there was not a lot going in my line, so I made the switch to Architecture and stayed in that industry until I retired in 2004 with a dickey ticker. However, it is still working. So I now live in KAWHIA on the west coast of the North Island of NZ with my wife Diane.

All the best shipmates.