Ian Robert Carter


I was at the PWSTS from Oct 1964 to Jan 1965, my best friend at the school was John Dacs from Rhodesia as it was known, and they used to send over quiet a few lads from that part of the world. My late brother Clough Carter was at the school, Derwent 1962 also Eric and Ronald Shrubsall who were friends from Whitstable also went to the school.

My first trip was on the Orsova doing the 10 immigrant run to Aussie, stayed on her for 2 years to see the world the quick way and then settled on choosing different runs out of the old Tilbury pool. I sailed on B P, The RFA (8 knots flat out on a liberty ship the fort Langley), Shaw- Savill, BR Ferries for the summer, the Doric (ferry) on the drum run to Antwerp and Port Line, doing a manz run for my pleasure.

My last ship was the Port Auckland being on her for 2 years with roughly the same crew. The last voyage before we went our different ways was to Auckland, so all you Kiwi runners would know what a great time we had, being the boss ship. I left the sea in 1974 and I will always look back to those days thinking they were the best days you could be at sea, right through the hippy happy days not calling the captain sir ( mind you when I left we had to call him sir again as there were very few ships left to get a job ) and generally having a great time.