Ian (Taffy) Burgess     


After reading the previous accounts of life at P.W.S.T.S., it brought back a lot of memories. I can say that I found it very difficult at first being away from home for the first time, but as time went by I began to enjoy my time there. My main recollections are Capt. Vine, Mr. Hadley, Mr. Burgess, Chippy and Creeper, and also the guy who used to take us for P.T. was it Don Wall? Dorm raids were a regular occurrence during the hours of darkness, and the bread and jam sandwiches on a weekend were a special treat!!

I remember the duties that we had to carry out too! Side Boy, Mess Boy, and kitchen assistant. I think there were others too but I cant remember what they were!!

I joined P.W.S.T.S. on 2nd September 1974 and left on December 19th 1974 for B.P. Tanker Company along with John Carey, Mark Ellis, Steve Bing, Glen Chatterley and Archie Isaacson. I left P.W.S.T.S. as P.O. Boy and was later flown home from British Dragoon in Gothenburg to receive an award from the Lord Mayor of London at the Guildhall on behalf of the British Sailors Society.

My time at P.W.S.T.S. was a time I will never forget and it stood me in good stead for my future life, and I will never forget the boys I trained with or, the Instructors who taught us.

Ian (Taffy) Burgess, Swansea