Ian Arnold


I left the merchant navy, and started a career as a trainee Manager with F.W.Woolworth's, but owing to the low wages, and requiring a mortgage to purchase a house, I left there and joined Ross Foods, (Worsted) as a freezer engineer /welder, after two years moved to Fruehauf trailers as a welder, later becoming a welding inspector, this lasted for 11 years till redundancy took place, from there I trained as a coded welder and worked in the North sea Gas industry till an industrial accident ended that phase of life. Now I own a Guest house in Cromer and we have been trading for 9 years here very successfully.

I have been a member of The Sheringham Shantymen for 13 years, we have produced 5 tapes/CDs the last one being produced for the R.N.L.I., and has topped their chart since its release 18 months ago (Songs For seafarers available in all R.N.L.I. shops and the magazine of coarse) This singing has taken me to several counties including U.S.A. singing ,and TV and radio appearances, we also opened the Boat Show in London a few years ago. The group is a charity group raising funds for R.N.L.I. and a few local charities, we have done tall ships venues, naval HQ in Britain and U.S.A and many sea festivals. This and sailing has kept me very much in touch with the sea, and presently live 200yds from the North sea here in Cromer Norfolk'.

I am now converting from sailing dinghy's to a larger two berth sailing cruiser which is at present being renovated, be its only 17 ft, wood not Tupperware it will be a lot more stable than dinghy's, getting older and less daring I'm afraid ,the latest boat is a Silhouette, of which I am now a member of the said society and hope to become quite involved in that .

Regards F.I Arnold (Ian) couldn't go to sea with my first name

Ian's guest house web site: www.knollguesthouse.co.uk