Freer Richardson


I was at PWSTS from about April-July 1958, Lancing Class 1958. 1st ship "Gothic" 2 trips as deckboy, 2nd ship "Sugar Producer" as JOS, 3rd ship "King George" as SOS, then various ships as EDH/AB/QM, last ship as QM was "Aragon" in 1967, then went to London School of Telgraphy to get my PMG to sail as Radio Officer. 1st ship "Aragon" as 3rd R/O in 1968, 2nd ship "Benalbanach" as 2nd R/O, 3rd ship, small coaster round UK/Europe/Ireland "Cardiff Brook" 4th ship "Esso Salisbury" then went freelance, eventually joined Stolt Parcel Tankers, made redundant as R/O in about 1995 then as installer and instructor of satellite comms same company, ended up as supt and retired in 2002.

Now living with same good Thai lady for last 14 years in Phuket, Thailand. Caught MRSA in Norfolk hospital, spinal problems, walk slowly with a pair of armsticks. learned to fly flexwing microlight, good fun. Hope to hear from old boys from my era.