(Frank) John Risby     



I joined the Prince of Wales Sea Training School on 11th November 1957. I was in Hesperus Class with nine other lads, I cannot remember all of their names but of those I do remember the was Ian Bugden from Aberdeen, Noel Nolan from Dublin, Daniel Green from Winterton on Sea, Dave McKay who I think was from Cromer in Norfolk, Billy Morris from Peacehaven,?????('Squeak') Wesley from Worksop, Stanley Pine from The Royal Merchant Navy School at Reading, Neil ??????? from Edinburgh? and another lad who lived not far from Dover his dad was a Miner.

Dave Mckay, Noel Nolan, Billy Morris and me sailed on our first voyage together with Orient Line our ship was ORSOVA. 'Squeak went to sea on the ORION, Stan Pine went to sea on the ORCADES, Ian Bugden and Neil ?? went to sea together on a Port Line vessel, I believe it was Port INVERCARGIL. The Captain at PWSTS was Commander HOUGH, then there was Mr HADLEY, Mr PORTE and Mr SMITH (Sludge). 

I remember those Wednesday afternoons when we had to run all the way to the South Forland Lighthouse and back. No supervision but strict instructions 'Stay away from the edge of the cliffs'. I hope that someone from Hesperus class sees this and gets in touch.

Best wishes to you all (Frank) John RISBY