PWSTS Standard Bearer
 Michael Westhead (PWSTS 1961)


Channel Dash 2015 Service to commemorate Op Fuller 12 Feb 1942
Michael Westhead (PWSTS 1961) took over the duties of PWSTS Standard Bearer from Roger Head (PWSTS 1958) in February 2015.

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For security reasons only post event details will be published below.


 EVENT   PWSTS standard bearer Michael Westhead

  7 Feb 15  Samuel Plimsoll Memorial Service at Cheriton
 12 Feb 15  Channel Dash 2015 Service to commemorate Op Fuller 12 Feb 1942
 20 May 15  Little Ships 75th Anniversary Parade Ramsgate Harbour
 21 May 15  Little Ships Pier Head Salute as Little Ships Depart for Dunkirk
 25 May 15  Pier Head Salute as Little Ships arrive back Ramsgate
 13 June 15  Sinking of RMS Lancastria Memorial Glasgow
 23 June 15  Armed Forces Day Bromley Town Hall
 27 June 15  Armed Forces Open Day Gillingham Brompton Park
 28 June 15  Armed Forces Day Orpington Priory Gardens
  4 July 15  Captain Parslow VC Memorial unveiling Islington
 12 July 15  Battle of Britain Memorial Capel-le-Ferne Folkestone
 30 Aug 15  St Mary Cray remembering ground crew buried here killed this day at nearby Biggin Hill during Luftwaffe raids Battle of Britain 1940
  3 Sep 15  Dover MN Commemorative Service
  6 Sep 15  Tower Hill MN Commemorative Service
 11 Oct 15  RNA Parade Brompton Garrison Church Gillingham
 23 Oct 15  Festival of Remembrance Winter Gardens Margate
 25 Oct 15  Trafalgar Day Parade Deal. Seafront Parade to St Georges Church where one of Nelsons officers is buried.
  8 Nov 15  Remembrance Day Bromley Trinity Church.
 13 Dec 15  HMS Aldenham Memorial Aldenham village, Herts. HMS Aldenham was last destroyer sunk in WW2, did many convoy duties.
    2015  Two funerals for local RNA members who crossed the bar


original standard

Roger Head (PWSTS 1958)

Roger Head


Original Prince of Wales Sea Training School Standard

In July 2005 the above standard was kindly returned by Mr Tony Thomas, St Helen's Bishopsgate Church Building Manager.

The following inscription is contained on a wooden plaque which is still at St Peter-Upon-Cornhill Church. 'The Prince of Wales Sea Training School. Founded by the British Sailors' Soc 1920. Colour laid up in St Peter-Upon-Cornhill 27th Oct 1975.

This flag was used as the official Prince of Wales Sea Training School Society Standard from 2005 until 2008. Our Standard Bearer for that period was Roger Head (PWSTS 1958).

In 2008, due to the fragility of the standard, we commissioned a new PWSTS Standard which is pictured below. The original heavy cast metal Fluer-de-Lys at the top of the pole was removed for safe keeping. A much lighter weight quality reproduction is now used, much to the relief of the standard bearer (as shown below).



Roger Head with
the new standard


Picture courtesy of the Merchant Navy Association Tower Hill 2010


Efforts are underway to establish the whereabouts of the original silk colours of PWSTH Limehouse.
If you can help please contact the society.

In 1928 HRH the Prince of Wales granted permission for the PWSTH to bear his royal crest.

We are still trying to trace the location of the original silk colours of the Prince of Wales Sea Training Hostel (Limehouse). Tony Towndrow remembers personally taking the PWSTH silk flag, in 1943, to a London company of flag makers called 'Adam, Lane and Neeve'. He recalls that at the time the silk flag was in excellent condition but the hostel required a replica cotton flag for general use. Roger Jennings contacted the PWSTS Society to say that his father was a Director of 'Adam, Lane and Neeve' for many years. He explained that the building was very badly firebombed during the blitz. Most of the contents were lost. It would have been around 1943 so he expects that the flag was destroyed in the fire.

The service of thanks giving for the work of the PWSTS on the occasion of the 'Laying up of the colour' was held at St Peter-upon-Cornhill, London EC3 on Monday 27th October 1975.


We are extremely grateful to Mr Neil Kent of the Holy Trinity Church of Ingham for allowing us to reproduce these photographs. The flag can be found hanging behind the pulpit.

We believe that the PWSTS Ingham, Stalham flag, shown below is the second (copy) colours of  PWSTH Limehouse. These colours were then transferred to PWSTS Ingham, Stalham in 1940.

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