Eddie Drewitt


Eddie DrewittAfter leaving PWSTS in 1971 I joined BP Tankers, sailed on British Industry & Star (laid up in Falmouth training ships) British Mallard, Argosy, Lancer, Commerce, Merlin, Curlew, Poplar - Left BP & joined Cayzer Irvine Sailed on King Charles, George, James, All Bulkys, Table Bay Renamed Barcelona, Box boat (for two years).

Left them in 1980 joined Townsend Ferries for 8 years. Left or should I say unfairly dismissed during the seaman's strike in 1988. Went lorry driving for a year. Then went on the Channel Tunnel build for 5 years then I was ducking & diving till 1997 when I joined Dover Harbour Board at the Cruise Terminal as a Quay side operative, then 4 years ago I got a job as a Cargo Service Operator (Crane Driver in English) which is and has been for 4 years my present job.

January 2007 photograph