PWSTS Dover Commemorative Plaque

In July 2010 our plaque was removed from the pier as it had suffered significant damage. An announcement will be made when a replacement plaque is ready. However, it is unlikely that the plaque will return to the lighthouse as Dover Harbour Board can not guarantee its safe keeping.

Prince of Wales Pier Dover
Unveiled Saturday 3rd September 2005 by Captain Colin Frank Vine DSC, RD, RNR

The PWSTS Society is grateful to Dover Harbour Board and to everyone who contributed to the cost of the plaque.


[click here to view photographs of the unveiling ceremony]

Prince of Wales Sea Training School Plaque on Prince of Wales Pier Dover

X marks the spot (below map) where the plaque is positioned. Walk to the end of Prince of Wales Pier and you will find the plaque on the lighthouse. The plaque points out to sea. The gates to the light house area are closed during silent hours due to it being a listed building.


PWSTS plaque at bottom of picture

pier approach view

sea view