David Bradbury 


PWSTS June-October 1962.

I was the only Scot (6' 3" tall) in my class (Derwent?) & remember there were 4 New Zealanders (one called Savage). A group of us joined the "Orion" as Deck boys in October & sailed on the Orion's last 2 voyages. Various ships followed over the years & I was AB until 1972/73. Then sailed as 3rd Mate then passed 2nd Mates/Mates FG tickets 1976/1979. Having sailed as 3rd Mate with Christian Salvesan & Co. I decided to stay with them as 2nd Mate & finally 1st Mate until leaving the sea due to ill health in 1980.

Was gamekeeper/ghillie on the Tweed for 2 years. Lately Residential Social Worker in a secure unit for 25 years until retiring last year. Very fond memories of my time at sea!