David Beavers   


My name was David Broome when I attended PWSTS. I changed my name by deep poll in 1966 from Broome to Beavers. I was at PWSTS June to October 1961.

Joined my first ship Nov 1961 stayed at sea till 1969, served with Port Line, Fred Everard, Holder Brothers, Shaw Savill, and BP Tankers. Came on shore for about a year and a half and competed a training course in Natural Gas Conversion. Worked for The Eastern Gas board, and travelled all over East Anglia installing and repair Gas appliances converted to use Natural Gas.

Joined the Offshore Oil Supply Vessel Industry 1971, and served with Off Shore Marine and Ocean Inch Cape. I got married and came ashore again in 1973.

I have worked in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry ever since. Working on Exploration Drilling rigs, both jack-ups and semi submersibles, and Oil and Gas Production Platforms, as a materials controller. My present position is working as a materials specialist, with a company that specialises in, Supply Chain Management Solutions, for all the major Oil and Gas Companies, home and abroad.

I am grateful to all the staff at The Prince of Wales Sea Training School, because it is only through their teaching that I have managed to get where I am today