Jim Cowie   


Attended PWSTS winter 1959 to spring 1960 - Medway class. Leaving PWSTS to join the Orient Line and completed a few deep sea trips and went on the coats. After working for a few small companies I joined Shell and BP with whom I served for three years.

Home on leave one day I spotted an ad in the local paper for a position on the local ferries between Aberdeen and the Northern Isles, joining the company in 1975. This company had been owned by Coats Line which was bought over by P&O in 1972.

I was promoted master in 1980 sailing on the St Rognvald, St Magnlis and finally on three successive St Clair.

Developing angina in 1997 I was forced to retire. A very successful by pass operated in 1998 brought me back to good health.

My father also Jim Cowie attended PWSTS. Leaving in 1935 to join the BARADINE as deck boy. He sailed with various companies including a season whaling in South Georgia. For 15 years he served as 2/o on the Hadrian Coast trading between Aberdeen & London . He then served as master on a couple of coasting vessels before his early death at the age of 49.

My wife Jane and myself enjoy our retirement manly through dancing. Regards to all.