Colwyn Grace  


Derwent 1967. Swallowed the anchor in 1978, (as did so many others) ended up as a Policeman in Sheffield.

I was at PWSTS from May to September 1967, Derwent class. First ship was 'Port Napier' with Kenny Booth (same class). I did 11 years all told, sailed with Port Line, Blue Star, King Line, Palm Line, Everards, P&O, Buries Markes and a few others. Unfortunately I can't remember many of the lads who were in Derwent at the same time. I never saw any of them again. I've still got a copy of the class photo. Am now living in land locked Rotherham but still maintain an interest (the wife says its an obsession) in all aspects of ships & shipping and regularly go ship spotting around the Humber and Tees.