Colin Mannings               


My first ship was the "Rio Azul". We sailed out of the Tyne in May 1941, was torpedoed 29th June and after 15 days on a raft the survivors, were picked up by HMS Esprance Bay.

Rio Azul survivors

"Cragpool" Feb 1942 to May 1943
"Fort Cadotte" June 1943 to May 1945
"Empire Trent" Oct 1945 to Dec 1945

Joined General Steam Navigation Company, to study the buoyage from Dungerness to Gravesend with the intention to try and become a pilot with Trinity House.

"Caithness" May 1945 to July 1947
"Empire Beatrice" May Nov 1947 to June 1948
"Groningen" July 1948 to Dec 1948 p
"Redstart " Dec to March 1949
"Albatross " March 1949 to Nov 1949
"Falcon" Jan to Mar 1950
"Seamew" March 1950 to Sept 1950
"Crane" Jan 1951 to August 1951

Informed by Trinity House that the application list for the pilotage had so many applicants, with more experience, that I would be passed the accepted age limit before my application would come up for consideration. I then decided to come ashore.
I joined "The Marley Tile Co." and went into, Roofing, Selling and Marketing.  I achieved the Diploma in Marketing at "Leeds College of Commerce" and became a Member of the Institute of Marketing.  Later became a "Fellow of the Institute of Roofing". I held various managerial positions around the country, within the company. But in 1983 decided to retire. Retired, March 1983.