Colin Peter Champness


I attended PWSTS in 1960/61

On leaving PWSTS Dover, I was assigned to the Port of London's KG5 Pool / Register & through them, I signed up to Port Line's "MV Port Quebec" as a Deck Boy. I joined the whole replacement crew in the Sailors Society Building, in Limehouse , London & we all flew out from Heathrow, to Canadian Vickers Dry Dock, in Montreal, Canada, where we left on a 2 year voyage (MANZ run Montreal-America-Australia-New Zealand). I signed off 2 years later as a man in Liverpool UK. I then joined Blue Star Line's reefer vessel "MV Brazil Star" on several voyages to South America i.e. Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay & Argentina etc...I then took my EDH & Lifeboat Certificate at St. Katharine Dock, London. I then joined Shaw Saville Line on the Africa runs. I have lost my Seaman's Book / Records etc & I don't know how I can get obtain replacements / copy's etc! Appreciate any info / contacts & photo's re the above.

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Colin Champness.