Captain Charles Colenutt


Captain Charles Colenutt and Judith ForbesI was reading the SEA BREEZES on the way back to Toronto Canada on Air Canada when I said S... After many years trying to find out if an Old Boys club or anything about the school existed, On page 468 The answer was at the top of the page.

I go back to 1945 when I left the school in December I believe to go home to the Isle of Wight, Then to North Shields to ship out. After a few years on the high seas and trying for my 2nd mates exam passing a half of it .I decided to go to Canada, I had a shore job to go to. Then I did a stint on the Great Lakes, and then went to the Toronto Island Ferries Thirty Five years later retired as the Head Captain.

Retired I now play around as I called it on a small private chartered vessel as captain and in the winter time I try to get in at least two cruises in the Caribbean.

I think around 1947 at sea on British ships, then I went to Canada 1955. On the great lakes on tankers and freighters. Then ended up with the Toronto Island Ferries as Head Captain in command of four Ferries and one double ended steam side Paddle wheeler P.S Trillium.