Richard John Casparis 


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PWSTS 01.07.63 - 02.11.63

Joined PORT NEW PLYMOUTH K.G.5. sailed with Barry Ashdon, London, Aussie, NZ. Arrived Hull Feb 1964, did second trip. Stayed with Port Line till 1970, joined PORT ALFRED for 3 years, last 2 as bosun mate. Lived in NZ since 1973 joined PACIFIC SHIPPING LYTTELTON as C.I.R. bosun.

For the last 25 years I have been a volunteer ambulance officer - whilst on leave from sea - based in Lyttelton - and now hold the rank of Paramedic. I am also a first aid instructor teaching workplace first aid and defibrillation.

I assisted in the construction of both Maui A & Maui B platforms (off the coast of Taranaki) on numerous vessels, dive support, heavy lift floating cranes and R.O.V's off supply vessels, have got my boat masters which I use with coast guard search and rescue, high speed 29 knots with full ambulance unit on board.

Have only been at sea casually since my redundancy 4 years ago as relieving bosun on coastal container ships and as IR on cement boats. Now just joining anchor handling boat to lay anchors. Married to Sandra, we live in New Plymouth.