Carl McDermott


Dis No R869468
PWSTS Feb/June 1969

Brother of Anthony McDermott, Feb/June 1968

Other class members : Tom Carroll (Liverpool), Victor Scamp (Dover), John Hodge (E.Hull), Keith Hayward (Norfolk), Derreck Piggott, L Bennett.

Companies : B.P.Tankers, Hammerton Shipping, Fifes Coastal, F.T.Everard, P&O Dover.

Now retired for medical reasons but still of sane mind.

Fondest memories of Rosa O'Beirne who made the most wonderful camp coffee.
Chippie - a great tutor worth lots of respect.
Mr Hadley - Tea at 98F at 0550am or there'll be trouble boy.
Not forgetting Capt Vine who accepted all defaulters on a regular basis and patiently listened to the lame excuses.
Mr Smith (Sludge) another fine instructor.

Apologies for forgetting anyone else but memory is not as it was.

Now Married with Son and 2 Grandsons.