Peter Buxton      


Sept-Dec 1974
Falcon Class


1974 to 1983

At sea, worked all the time for Panocean Anco, in it's various changes through the years, Starting as Engine room Boy, working through JOER, and then onto trainee Pumpman, and onto Petty Officer pumpman, Finishing up as P.O Fitter under a general purpose manning scheme. Last trip was taking fuel to the forces down the Falkland Islands during the conflict there.

1983 Emigrated to New Zealand

Have lived in Auckland ever since, holding down a variety of jobs, all in the engineering field, From Engine reconditioning, to Project management on machinery installs, until being made redundant in 1998.

Since 1998 I've been working as a self employed draughtsman, (On CAD) Currently contracting to a NZ firm which designs and builds Airport baggage handling systems, for airports world wide. Located in West Auckland.