Brian Quartermaine


Was at PWSTS in 1967 in Britannia class, I can't remember which months of that year I was there, possibly around summer so that narrows it down a bit. I remember we had some kind of open day and they needed someone to stand out front to take control of the school, it meant promotion to PO boy and all the privileges that came with it.

Somehow I found myself on the shortlist with a lad named Marsh and I got the job because I could shout the loudest, I must have been the only PO boy in the history of the school that didn't have a good conduct stripe. All that aside I enjoyed my time there. My first trip to sea was the British Argosy as engine room boy and sailed with John Hoare who was in the same class as me at PWSTS.

I only ever served with BP Tankers which suited me fine as the accommodation was fantastic (always had a cabin to myself) and the food was first class. I loved every minute from sea school to the day I left the sea and met some great people.

I now work as a carpenter/joiner and live in Worthing West Sussex (by the sea). Really glad to have found site, it has brought back a lot of memories.