Brian Potter (PWSTS 1962)


Brian left the school to join the Port New Plymouth where he was re united with Grayham at a later date, he carried on deep say for some time then came onto coastal trips around the British isles. He then joined Townsends Ferries which were taken over by P&O Ferries which was where he finished his sea life.

Brian was married twice, having a step daughter from his first marriage. He left a widow a daughter and a son and a step daughter, and one granddaughter from his second marriage.

He was born on the 14th July 1946, a twin, one of nine children and crossed the bar on 22nd February 2002 aged 56 years. He is sadly missed by family and all that knew him.

Neil Potter (brother)


I was very saddened to find out the loss of Brian had occurred. I personally did not know Brian in his adult life, but from actually knowing him from the POW and shipping out with him as kids, I would not imagine for one minute that he had changed much. I just left it too long in trying to find him again. He was a great guy, kind and considerate, great to be with, I am gonna miss him a lot, now I know of his passing. None of us live forever, but Brian should have had a while longer in his life. I offer my sympathy to all Brian's family, brothers and sisters, wife and his sons and daughters. Brian was an important part in my young sea life, I thank him for that. May he now RIP.

Your Old Pal and Shipmate Graham Wilson (PWSTS 1962)
I hope that when my time comes around, that I will meet you again.