Brian Lawrence


Late 1955, promoted Chief Petty Officer with two Petty Officers. Joined Empire Orwell Jan 1956 in Southampton, rated JOS on 3rd trip, then Cotopaxi, Corinthic (2 trips) rated SOS, took EDH course, then Eden, Saxonia, Argosity, Port Sydney, Highland Chieftain, Langton Grange, Wellington Star, Allurity, Esso Tynemouth,13months ashore, then Argentina Star, Andria, Supremity, Rhodesia Star, Tintagel Castle, Storrington, Minster,Pass of Dalveen, English Star, Corstar, Foreland (bosun).

Fell down hold, never went back to sea after recovery. Various jobs over the years, docks, shipyards, ending up in road transport. Now happily retired and unfortunately a widower.