Bill Biffen


Bill 'Crossed the Bar' in October 2016.

I arrived at Ingham on a cloudy cold day 17.2.1943 after spending a night in London on my way up from Somerset. Home sickness wore off after a day or so, started to make friends straight away, 3 lads arrived the same day they were George Crook, George Hayton and Kenneth Semple. I well remember Mr Painter a strict but fair man also the other officers and staff who helped and guided me through my eight months at the hostel I left on 8.10.1943. After leave I went to Liverpool to stay at B.S.S. at Garston. Until the man with the crook arm found me a place as deck boy on MV Port Phillip in Liverpool after serving 12 months on the Phillip sailed out of Avonmouth on quite a few ships until leaving the sea on 30.8.1947 I never forgot my training at Ingham which helped in these past years.

At present I have enjoyed 14 wonderful years of retirement with a wonderful wife who produced 2 beautiful daughters.