Alan Phipps 


'Crossed The Bar' on 7th June this year aged 82 after a brave 2 year struggle with the wretched Alzheimer's disease. Happily he was in a wonderful care home who's staff were what made it so wonderful and who genuinely loved our Dad and were never more happy than when being regaled with stories from his days sailing the seven seas in particular his extended three month stay in New Zealand during a docker's strike there and his three year stint aboard the 'Empire Windrush' up to and including it's unfortunate near sinking and evacuation in the Med after an engine room fire led to the loss of 4 crew members and it's burnt out hulk being unsuccessfully towed back to Gibraltar as it succumbed to it's mortal wounds and sank on 30th March 1954.

Andrew Phipps (eldest Son)

Ships I served 1949 - 1959

M/V Llangibby Castle 29 1949 -50
M/V Norfolk 47 1950-52
H.M.T Empire Windrush 30 1952-54
M/V Essex  54  1954
M/V Hurunui  48  1954
S/S Kent  18  1955
S/S  Alsatia  48  1955
S/S Baskerville  54  1955-56
RMMV  Eden  56  1956
S/S Baron Inverclyde  54  1957
RMS Berbice  43  1957-58
T.E.V  Beaverglen  47  1958
M/V  Hornby Grange  47  1958-59
S/S Andria  48  1959