About the P.W.S.T.S Society


Sailors' Society Support (Formally British and International Sailors' Society)

Sometime in 2001 I began searching for photographs and information on the PWSTS. All searches on the internet were fruitless. I was surprised when Dover Museum and Dover Library were unable to provide any information. Neither were the libraries at Ingham and Limehouse.

I contacted the Sailors' Society and found them extremely helpful. However, it would appear that many of the PWSTS records were destroyed when the Limehouse swimming pool developed a leak. The Sailors' Society subsequently  moved to smaller premises in Southampton and more space was required. Thus the remaining records were placed in boxes and sent to the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich. The only other source of information was the Societies 'Chart and Compass' magazine as numerous articles concerned the school. Copies of these were kindly sent by Mrs Ann Brogan of the Sailor's Society.

It soon became apparent, after receiving correspondence from Prince of Wales boys and staff located all over the world, that a museum or organisation was required to remember those who worked or trained at the school. A web site seemed the logical solution and the Sailors' Society announced that they would support us.

The National Maritime Museum at Greenwich had not catalogued any of the PWSTS material held in it's possession. As a consequence, on 2nd October 2006 the PWSTS Society attended the National Maritime Museum, accompanied by Reverend David Potterton the Principle Chaplin of the Sailors' Society, and colleted all exhibits concerning the PWSTS. The Sailor's Society have subsequently provided the PWSTS Society with permission to catalogue and reproduce the material for the benefit of PWSTS old boys and staff.

This web site is updated in my own spare time. If it provides happy memories of your time at the school or re-establishes contact with an old mate than I have achieved what I first set out to do. I also hope that it will be of use to researchers of the Merchant Navy and Royal Navy alike.

Along the way we've had many a helping hand from far too many people to list. You know who you are and we thank you. Above all we would also like to express our sincere gratitude for the support and encouragement that we have received from Mrs Ann Brogan and Reverend David Potterton of the Sailors' Society.