Rodney (Roy) Massicks


Rodney (Roy) Massicks Ships served:

Port Hobart, Feb '58 to March '58
Port Invercargill (maiden voyage) March '58 to Aug 58
Port Launceston, Aug '58 to March '59
Port Launceston, March '59 to July '59
Port Fairy, July '59 to Nov '59
Port Fairy, Dec '59 to May '60
Beaver Lake June '60 to Jul '60
Canberra Star July '60 to Jan '61
Adelaide Star Jan '61 to Feb '61
Delphic March '61 to July ' 61
Haparangi July '61 to Jan '62
Gothic Jan '62 to May '62
Persic May '62 to June '62

I have lived in NZ since 1962 where I married my wife Heather. I joined the Auckland Harbour Board in March 1966 in the rigging loft and from 1968 was skipper of various Harbour Board work launches. I was skipper of second Pilot boat from 1972 then joined the first Pilot boat ' Akarana ' as skipper from Sept 1973 until Jan 1992.



This included skipper of the new replacement Pilot boat, the 'Waitemata 2' I left the port Company as it was then in Jan 1992 and in partnership with my wife (the brains !) bought Stonewall Store on Gt. Barrier Island. In conjunction with the shop we operated a charter boat.

We have been retired and living in the Bay of Islands, NZ since February 2004.